Never been so excited!!!

It’s 6:30pm here in Australia at the point of me writing this blog, in the last seven or so years I’ve been here I’ve literally never been so excited to watch Everton. The game is on at midnight with the Cardiff versus Newcastle the first match being showed at 9:30pm. Saturday evenings in the early part of the season and the last part of the season are dreamy, but once the clock’s change most 3pm games start at 2am in the morning making it that little bit harder to do.

Watching the Wolves game last week was a bit of an effort as the game didn’t start until 2pm and I was away with work – but I still managed to watch it by burning into my data plan on my Optus Sport tablet $40 later! I was a little nervous going in to that fixture especially as Wolves have signed some outstanding players and have just been promoted. Add to this the awful form of our central defenders I wasn’t sure what to think, jeez Everton looked like a completely different team! In all fairness to Marco Silva the only player who was not in that dismal team from last season was Richarlison. We played with intent and I was so impressed with how we coped after losing Phil Jagielka’s from his red card which I personally though was a red. Having Pickford between the sticks was so much better – we really shouldn’t underestimate just how good a goalkeeper we have on our hands.

So looking ahead at our season I’m full of positivity, If we run right through the team we actually have competition for almost every position on the park. I think Tosun, Gana and Pickford are almost guaranteed a start and but honestly I think everybody else is under pressure to retain the shirt. I can’t actually remember this being a think for years at Goodison, with Brands and Silva it seems our recruitment and style is sorted. The School of Science has an identity and it feels amazing! It would be great to take Southampton to the sword today and score a good few goals, I feel that we will be fitter than most teams this season. Silva has some excellent options throughout the team and if Richarlison is anything to go by then jeez I can’t wait to see the Bernard, Mina, Gomes and Zouma when they’re ready. Goodison Park will be buzzing today, the atmosphere will be incredible and I feel that we have a fantastic opportunity to really have a great day.

To every Evertoninan who’s going to Goodison Park today enjoy yourselves, sing your hearts out and enjoy an attractive Everton for the first time in years COYB!

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