Thoughts of a Positive Blue – He Has to Go

Writing about Everton in the past two years has become something of a chore. I think I would even struggle at times if I were getting paid to do this, the fact I’m not makes me some sort of self harming masochist.

Three summers ago when Moyes had gone and Martinez was brought in, I was positive about the whole thing. Yes Wigan had gone down, but we had betters players, a better set up and bigger transfer and wage budget to attract new players.

Two summers ago I was even more positive, although looking back the warning signs where there. We had just finished fifth with a record number of points, that on any other season would have seen us finish fourth.

Last summer a tiny bit of doubt had crept in. We had just finished 11th with our lowest points tally in 11 years, a year we finished 15th! We were also knocked out in the third round of both cups.

Last season would have been so much worse but for a run of 2 defeats in 9 games towards the end of the campaign – after somewhat of a mini player revolt at the style of our play.

Now we approach the end of Martinez’s third campaign and we sit in 12th position. Knocked out of one cup in the semi-final with the only prospect of saving our season coming on Saturday in an FA Cup Quarter Final against Chelsea.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Things have to change at Everton, and unfortunately I personally think now things have gone too far for Martinez to turn the tide. Should we lose on Saturday then I think the board should move swiftly relieving Roberto of his job. Who is put in to the end of the season is of little importance as we are not going to go down. The key is having enough time to source a quality replacement ready for a summer of big changes for the club.

This summer could be the most pivotal in my lifetime, with the incoming investment and associated transfer budget we need to give it to a man with a winning track record.

Now I am not going to reel off names here of who we could or should get, that is the boards job, but there has to be better than what we currently have which is a man with a steadfast but flawed Plan A, and zero Plan B. A man who has displayed tactical ineptitude time and time again, and a man with zero belief in defensive strength.

So there’s my two-pence anyway. What are your thoughts Blues?

Dan Taylor

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